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  • Excursion: Easter Special Curitiba – March 28 to 31

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    Curitiba is the capital of the state of  Parana in the South of Brazil, where European colonies are frequently to be found and the immigrant’s traditions and culture are present everywhere. Curitiba is known as an innovative city, with good life quality since the beginning of the 70´s, when the urban planning began.   Today the city is reference for public transportation, environmental care, waste management and garbage recycling. Curitiba´s BRT (bus rapid transport) is model and reference for 76 cities around the world, as a simple and unexpensive alternative. The creation of linear parks to preserve the river margins and avoid the settlement of slums in such areas was the alternative chosen by Curitiba since the years 1970´s.   Historically, the city was not important in the Brazilian history, but culturally the city is known by its large variety of options. The music workshop (Oficina de Música), Curitiba´s Festival and the great number of theatres and cultural centres are only a few examples of what Curitiba offers in this field. The city is also a melting pot, with great presence of immigrants from all over the world. Everything reflects in the way the city is and local inhabitants think and act. The city is also a gourmet paradise, with great restaurants and renamed chefs de cuisine. Take advantage of the long Easter weekend to travel to Curitiba! HOM-ing offers to you this

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