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  • “Gedächtnistraining” nach Gregor Staub

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    Wissen Sie, wie angenehm Sie in Erinnerung bleiben, wenn Sie sich auf Anhieb die Namen von 20 Personen merken können, die Sie auf einer Feier kennen lernen? Wäre es nicht unglaublich zeitsparend und nervenberuhigend, wenn Sie das Handbuch Ihres Textverarbeitungsprogramms nur einmal durcharbeiten müssten, um alle wichtigen Informationen zu behalten? Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie haben gar Ihren Terminkalender, Ihre 30 wichtigsten Telefonnummern und Ihre PIN-Nummern zuverlässig im Kopf. Sie glauben, so etwas können Sie nicht schaffen? Mit der mega memory-Lerntechnik von Gregor Staub kann das jeder! Ca. 20 Stunden Training reichen aus – und Sie können sich alles merken, was Sie möchten: Zahlen, Namen, Gesichter, Einkaufslisten, Wegbeschreibungen, Reden, Fachinformationen, Vokabeln usw. Schon nach zwei Stunden werden Sie erste große Erfolgserlebnisse haben!  

  • TANDEM: Interview with Lionel Ortega

          Lionel Ortega (age: 37) from France is married to Alice Rocha da Silva and lives in Brasilia since 2010. They have one son, Rafael (1 and a  half year old), born in Brasilia in 2011. Lionel is a “chef de cuisine” and runs his own restaurant “L’Atelier du chef” in Brasilia   1. Where and how did you meet your wife? I met my wife in France when she did her master in law. I knew her during a birthday party in a jazz club in Aix-en-provence.   2. What was the reason for you to chose Brasilia as your domicile? The reason of my choice was simple, Brasilia is the city where my wife comes from.   3. What was your profession in Paris before moving to Brasilia? I was a private chef-de-cuisine for an English family.   4. Which hurdles did you have to overcome to continue your professional career in Brasilia? The difficulties were to learn a new language, to discover a new city, a new culture, to learn and understand all about the habits of the Brazilian people.   5. What was the most impressive experience at the beginning? The most impressive experience at the beginning was to adapt my style of cooking for Brazilian people and others, too, using Brazilian products / ingredients.   6. Do you miss anything from France? I miss

  • TANDEM: Interview with Daniela Stieff da Silva Tostes

              Daniela Margareta Stieff da Silva Tostes (age: 47) from Austria (Vienna) is married to Luiz da Silva Tostes and has been living in Brasilia since 2003. She is an ENT-specialist, singing teacher and singer, and the founder and responsible person for the singing studio „Salto Vocal“.   1. Where and how did you meet your husband? We met in a course in Italy in July 2001. 2. What was the reason for you to chose Brasilia as your domicile? I really fell in love with Brazil and Brasília and Luiz had a very good job at the federal senate. In those times, I would have to find a new job anyway, as I finished my ENT residence in 2002. And finally, Luiz’ daughter was only 16 years old when we met and he wanted to be close to her. 3. What was your profession in Vienna before moving to Brasilia? ENT-doctor (resident) and singing teacher 4. Which hurdles did you have to overcome to continue your professional career in Brasilia? I had to revalidate my diploma as a doctor and to do the residents’ exam to be recognized as an ENT-specialist in Brazil. It took me 5 years and was one of the most stressfull tasks in my life. 5. What was the most impressive experience at the beginning? The friendlyness, heartfullness, playfullness and sympathy of

  • TANDEM: Brazilian bi-national couples in Brasilia

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    Talking about a TANDEM (bike) and what it means for two persons handling it, the following associations come into my mind:  One of the characteristics of the Brazilian society is its multi-nationality, – which explains to me why Brazilians are so tolerant, curious and open-minded when dealing with different traditions, religions and ways of living. The huge variety of nationalities in Brazil is the result of immigration processes in the past on the one hand, and the consequences of the mobility of today’s world-citizens and the opening of societies on the other hand. So far, bi-national couples (Brazilian / non-Brazilian) are a constituent part of the modern Brazilian society and reflect what happens all over the world. Since travelling, studying or working nearly without geographical limitations (cross-border) enable or sometimes exceed a high mobility and flexibility, bi-national couples are the smallest functional unit of an international integration process. Independently where these couples met – or in Brazil or abroad – they decided to settle down in Brasilia. One can imagine that this mind-making process and decision was / is the first hard test of a partnership. Moving to Brasilia, naturally, has more consequences for the non-Brazilian partner, both with regard to private and professional life.   The word and image of a „TANDEM“ symbolizes what it means to form a bi-national couple and what is needed to overcome the hurdles

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