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What is a CLUB Member alike?
Members are especially interactive persons who are prepared to share talents and experiences, contacts and even property with other members for mutual benefit.

Therefore CLUB Members have exclusive access to:

  • Round-Table-Meetings
  • special events (limited number of participants)
  • VIP-excursions
  • a pool of cars and personell (maid, house-watcher etc.)
  • house-sharing (worldwide)
  • member discounts (group fares negotiated with companies like rent-a-car or event services and personell)


How to become a CLUB Member?

  • offering human capital (talents, knowledge, informations, contacts) to other CLUB Members
  • being a client of HOM-ing’s settlement services (contracting the Starter & Welcome Package or the Permanent Assistance Package)
  • participating in the Partner’s Coaching Program
  • colaborating with the pool-sharing of housing and cars
  • being recommended by other members


For further information and conditions Contact us

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