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  • Chapada dos Veadeiros – Cachoeira do Segredo

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    The dry season is a favourable period to visit the Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO). The waterfalls have still enough water and the level of the rivers are low to be crossed easily and without danger. Water basins with clear water invite for a bath and even swimming.   About 14 km from Sao Jorge, on the way to Colina do Sul, you enter an earth road on your left and follow the signs till a parking space. From there a 8 km walk starts to the Cachoeira do Segredo.  The trilha goes up- and down-hill and exceeds some excercices. The Sao Miguel river has to be crossed once and the Segredo river 7 more times which is not too difficult because big stones indicate the way and build bridges. At the end of a valley one finally reaches the place where the water of the Segredo river falls down from a height of aprox. 45 m. No sun enters and warms up the lagoa’s water. Only some days in September and for few hours per day, the sun illuminates the place. The water of the basin therefore is quite cold and its colour is deep black. I recommend to plan one whole day for this excursion. Enjoy the walk, take a bath once in a while and have a picknick. Take food with you – no beverage is necessary: nature offers you water in abundance and of

  • Pets on Tour

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    Nina on Tour

    In case of moving away, all family members are concerned, – including pets, for which certain organizational steps have to be taken: The vaccination has to be up-to-date, the documentation has to be translated and legalized, special travel boxes have to be bought and the right airline has to be chosen. When the owners take full responsability for their pets, they sometimes even travel in economy class instead of business class in order not to leave the pet unaccompanied. Or one of the family members accompanies the pet travelling with one airline and the rest of the family with another. This happens to families living in Brasilia as TAM does not carry pets from Brasilia to Sao Paulo where most of them change for an international flight. Carlo, a beautiful Siamese, is one of those globetrotters: he is 13 years old and had been adopted by his family at his early age in Belgium. He was found abandoned, dirty, full of ticks and underfed. From Belgium the family moved to Germany and later to Brasilia,- Carlo always went with them. In Brasilia, Carlo spent splendid three years and soon will move again with his family to the Netherlands.  But not all pets are as fortunate as Carlo. For what reason soever, – sometimes the families have to leave a pet behind while moving away from Brasilia. Whether the new destination

  • Winter in Brasilia – time of changes and transitions

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    For expatriate families, the Brazilian winter (June/July/August) is the main holiday season. Some of them go abroad for home-leaves and/or use this period for travelling through Brazil. Others prefer staying in Brasilia and enjoy the diversified cultural offer like the Festas Juninas or the Brasilia International Film Festival. But there are other expatriates for whom this time of a year does not bring such happiness: working contracts come to their end and they have to move away. It is all about  goodbyes, separation, sadness. Students finish their school year or college, and a new term of life starts wherever the parents are sent or decided to go to. Garage sales, farewell-parties, end-of-the-school performances, packing, selling the car are the duties that have to be organized. But the hardest job is leaving behind the new friends that one made during the last three or more years, being class mates, neighbours, colleagues or school teachers. And one has to say good-bye to the baba and empregada, the jardineiro and all the other helpful hands that had become part of the families’ routine. It is a painful separation, being aware that there is only a slight chance of meeting them again in the future. No „welcome“ without „farewell“! Moving away from one town also means moving towards another where new places, traditions and people are waiting to be discovered. Hopefully, this new life period will

HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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