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  • Bazar “Design & Fine Arts”

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    Modern Design and Fine Arts of Brazilian artists will be exposed and offered for sale during a bazar which takes place next week-end. A huge variety of outstanding handicraft objects made of tissue, wood, ceramics,  – paintings and jewelry is awaiting you to please you for your Christmas shopping: Friday / Saturday, November 23/24,  from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Lago Sul, QL 26 conj. 7 casa 11   Imported items also are available – like tea, cups, fancy stationery and MOSHIKI skirts –   now also for little girls!!!!!!!!  

  • Salão de beleza: rebirthing, renewing, relaxing

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    A visit to the “Salão de beleza” (or the hairdresser) is more than getting a freshing-up of hair, skin or nails. It is a peaceful island, where you get full attention and all kind of service and support  to raise self-estimation and attractive appearance. You’ll find a little time for yourself – read a journal or simply take a nap. And one serves you a coffee or a cup of water, and sometimes you win a rose upon leaving. After a visit to my hairdresser and having been attended and treated by Dé,  I always feel completely renewed:  CAMARIM Coiffeur, SHIS CL QI 26, Ed. Serrano Center, Tel. 3367-5279 Dé is not only my favourite hairdresser, she is my soul-sister, my spiritual companion. Obrigada amiga!  

  • Carro Viajante: On tour in Paraná

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    The State of Parana in the South of Brazil shows typical European landscapes (mountains, araucarias) and characteristics of the different European immigrants.   From Curitiba we drove 275 km to Guarapuava where we participated in the annual traditional “Festa da Cevada” of the cooperative AGRARIA of the Donauschwaben (Danubio-Suabios) in Entre Rios.   On our way to Foz de Iguacu, starting from Guarapuava, we made some more 400 km:   In Foz de Iguaçu we visited the impressive waterfalls Cataratas de Iguaçu, situated on the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay:       In the Parque das Aves we had the chance to see a huge variety of birds, butterflies, emus, crocodiles, – just amazing:  

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