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  • Festas Juninas and Dia dos Namorados

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    „Festas Juninas, Julinas, Agostinas……..“ – from May until July „Festas Juninas“ are folk ceremonies mainly held by the rural population (“caipiras”) in the interior of Northeastern Brazil during the month of June, in reverence of the three saints Santo Antonio, São João and São Pedro. The roots of the commemorative days are European, from the colonial times, and were known as “Festa Joanina”. Brought to Brazil by the Portuguese, the event was renamed to “Festa Junina” and incorporated typical Brazilian customs with regard to music, dances, food and beverages. Beside carneval the “Festas Juninas” are the second most popular events in Brazil. The biggest festivals – attracting millions of visitors – take place in Caruaru (Pernambuco), Campina Grande (Paraíba) and Fortaleza (Ceará). The cycle of „Festas Juninas“ officially starts on 12th of June – the night before Santo Antonio – as the Brazilian „Valentines Day“ („Dia dos Namorados“). Santo Antonio is known as the saint of the single girls finding a husband, – but also the saint of refinding lost objects. The night before São João (23rd / 24th of June) fire-places („fogueira“) and mystical ceremonies are meant to banish bad spirits – noisy pumps should frighten them and twigs of rosemary and tresses of garlic should avoid the malicious eye. São João apparently protects from the bad and protects friendship. The 29th of June, the last day of the

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