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  • The cicadas and the rainy season

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    When the cicadas begin to sing all over the city of Brasilia, the rainy season is soon to get started. Their ear-deafening concert is amazing and at the same time frightening, because the cicadas are hardly to be seen, although there are so many. Unbelievable, but only by last week, for the first time during my 5-years-stay in Brazil, I’ ve seen the cicada – alive and its cocoon – and learnt something about their life-cycle. Even before the rain starts, the cicadas already feel the rain is “ante portas” and come out of their earth dens. While singing – or I’d better say shouting  – they climb up the trees for there leaving their cocoons and leave them behind sticked onto the tree.   In the first range, I thought those cocoons are living beetles. On their back a hole can be seen through which the cicada is leaving the cocoon. Then they start stretching their bodies and unfolding the wings, becoming bigger and bigger, – as big that one can hardly imagine that the cicadas once fit into the cocoon.   The cicada’s concerts can be listening during the next weeks, which is their pairing-season, approximately till November. Then they die,-  both male and female cicada,-  after the eggs had been brought down to earth where they came from. The eggs and after a while the beetle bodies

  • Hermusche – artist, designer, photographer

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      My creative process My creative process is based on observation, contemplation. The art works are conceived following Nature’s Forms and Wisdom. I believe, I shall produce items that pertain to our remote ancestors. Articles once manufactured by ancient nomads. Simultaneously Fine and Rustical, fulfilling in nowadays individuals their longing for primordial objects. Since 2002 I’ve been visiting Brazilian savannah highlands, the natural habitat of what is locally known as Capim Dourado (golden rushes). The Jalapão region is a silent dessert crossed by a net of rivers, home to rare fauna and flora. In September, the pickers walk great distances collecting the precious plant in this heavenly environment. The seeds are left behind to guarantee next year’s harvest. After cleaning the fine rushes, skilled craftsmen execute exclusive design and the delicate golden sticks are transformed into exquisite works of art. Wagner Hermusche   Emporium Hermusche 413 Norte Bl D Loja 15 Brasília www.hermusche. com  /  

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