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  • Brazilian artists: Mauricio Vilela – wood-carver

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    Sculptures made by nature – how wood from the Cerrado becomes plastic art   Mauricio Vilela‘s great passion always had been nature. When he decided to finish his career as a banker in Minas Gerais some years ago and came to Brasília in 2002, he discovered new talents with himself, starting to work with “dead” wood that he found while tracking in the Cerrado.     From then on, his passion for nature and wood combined with technical abilities and visual fantasies turned to become a profession: Mauricio Vilela nowadays is a well known wood-carver, searched by private persons who love to bring the Cerrado into their homes. And also architects and interior designer appreciate the wooden sculptures of this artist and chose his art for decorating clients’ homes or spaces in expositions.   HOM-ing exclusively organizes group visits to Mauricio Vilela’s atelier outside Brasília. The visitors may listen to the artist’s explanations on his work and the various steps of transforming the raw material “dead” roots and boughs  into unique art pieces. Mauricio Vilela’s concern also is to draw attention not only to the beauties of the Cerrado but also to take responsibility for the natural environment and preserve it for now and the future. Contact us for more information on the actual time-table of the excursions, to make your reservation or to book a visit for your own

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