Our philosophy

The first impression counts – not only with people but also with places. And like a person, a city has its own personality, character, strengths and weaknesses, bright and less bright sides.

Whether you come as an expat or a Brazilian to work or accompanying a partner, as a tourist for pleasure or a member of a delegation: our goal is to make you have the best experience and connect you to like-minded people while staying with us.

A quick settlement, a cosy home, openess for new experiences and mutual understanding, promising professional perspectives, and an enriching social network garantee a high quality of life, – this is exactly what HOM-ing offers!

At the end of your stay, we want you to carry wonderful memories and a positive opinion of your home. You may say: I had a fantastic time, getting to know a new city, country, and language, and making new friends.

Don’t loose time. Use our experiences, services and contacts from the very first moment and make the best use of your stay in Brasilia.

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With the CLUB Membership you have access to special events, conditions and preferential treatment.

HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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