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Babysitting is a service of mutual benefit for all persons involved: parents gain privacy, kids learn to be treated / educated by third persons, young adults practice education and leadership.

For students, babysitting often also is the first job that can be practiced without specific knowledge, during leisure time (mostly at night) and without administrative and/or legal hurdles. The young adults not only experience how exhausting (physically and mentally) work can be and to value the effort of earning some pocket money, but also to be punctual, to be committed, to get their free time planned and organized. They also learn – probably for the first time – what education means, in general, for the children and for themselves. They suddenly find themselves “on the other side of the wall” and may understand better the way their own parents used/use to treat them and how hard it can be to take decisions and to stay firm.

Babysitting also teachs the young adults to take responsability, both for others and for themselves. The questioning by the small kids and conversation/confrontation with them forces them to define their own way of being, thinking and dealing with different subjects. They have to understand that – although only temporarily and for a short period – they step into the role of “idols”, representing the kids’ parents and calling for respect and obedience; they find themselves observed, analized, criticized by someone who is so much younger.

A babysitter also has to learn to respect and show tolerance towards the parents of the kids, their educational models and the way how they treat their children. Those concepts and behavioural pattern may differ from what the young adults learned from their own parents or what they may put in practice when having a family of their own.

And last but not least: if babysitting is offered or asked for in another language, in foreign countries, young adults get in touch with other cultures, different family traditions and may practice their knowledge of foreign languages (as au-pair use to work).

HOM-ing knows what young families need, especially when living abroad and grand-parents or other family members are not available for looking after the children.

Our  Babysitter-Service links families with babysitters.

Our services go beyond of what generally is expected, but what is essential for parents in order to enjoy their outgoing in full. You may book our special


which makes your outgoing even more comfortable and exceptional:

We pick up the babysitter and bring her/him to your house. We give you a lift to where you want to go out. At the end of the evening, you call us, we pick you up and bring you home. Finally, we drive the babysitter home safely.

Babysitter Caroline (18), German

“I recently arrived in Brasília from Germany and will be staying the next three months with my god-mother and her family. I decided to take a gap year after graduating from High School last June and spend it in Brazil as well as in Argentina. In Argentina I plan to work three months at an orphanage in Córdoba.

During my High School years I have gained broad experiences with baby-sitting small kids as well as supervising teens at camps. Going from individual tutoring in French all the way to leading a scout group for teens, I have worked with kids going from age 1 to age 12.

I would like to invest part of my time in Brasília into learning and working more with kids with international background and make use of my knowledge of foreign languages like English, French and Spanish”.


Families and babysitters may contact us and get registered.

HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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