Carro Viajante: Catalão (GO) – Ribeirão Preto (SP) – Aguas de Lindoia (SP)

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From October 7 till 21, the travelling car ist going from Brasília to Curitiba, Foz de Iguacu and Bonito.

 2nd Day: Catalão – Ribeirão Preto – Aguas de Lindoia – 680 km

From Catalão, we drove more to the South on very good highways (Pedagio is charged); traffic was moderate.
At the division of Goias and Minas Gerais we crossed the Rio Paranaiba.

We passed Uberlandia and Uberaba, a region of intensive soja and sugar cane production. It was amazing to realize that fields with ripe sugar cane were side-by-side to fields with young small plants, which means that cultivation is done pemanently i.e. independantly of season and climate.


After 5 hours we reached Ribeirão Preto where we had a drink in the famous “Pinguim Bar” (since 1936) located beside the “Theatro Pedro II” at the Praça 15 de Novembro.

We made it till Aguas de Lindoia, a charming place with hot springs, frequented by the people of São Paulo for a weekend rest. Tomorrow we shall take some day-light fotos to show to you.

Good night.


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