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  • Walking Tour: 308 SUL – model quarter

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    Devised by urbanist Lucio Costa (1902 – 1998) as the basic element of the Pilot Plan, this model quarter had been the first to be built in town, together with 108 SUL which had been designed completely by Oscar Niemeyer (1907 – 2012).     It is made up of four residential superblocks, and counts with the complete infrastructure of daily life, such as kindergarten, school, library, health center, church (Igrejinha d N.S. da Fatima), social club (Clube da Vizinhanca) and movie theater (Cine Brasília).     The landscaping is by Roberto Burle Marx. The model quarter was listed as District Heritage on April 20, 2009. The Walking Tour includes the visit of the chapel Igrejinha da N.S. de Fatima (with tiles by Athos Bulcao) and also gives you the opportunity to meet D. Lourivaldo, owner of the „Banca da 308 SUL“, the first and thus oldest kiosk in town.     Availability: any day of the week, to be booked for closed groups Duration: 1 ½ hours Number of participants: max. 8 Investment: R$ 45 p.p

  • Walking Tour “Bosque dos Constituintes & SAFS”

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    This Walking Tour starts at the „Bosque dos Constituintes“ which is located at the lower part of the Esplanada dos Ministerios and hosts cultural institutions like the „Espaco Israel Pinheiro“ and the „Espaco Oscar Niemeyer“.       Crossing the park, we enter into the area of SAFS with its imposing architectural buildings like – Procuradoria Geral da República (PGR) – Tribunal de Contas da Uniao (TCU) – Superior Tribunal Federal (STF) – Itamaraty        You will certainly experience this part of Brasília in a new way and with exceptional different views onto buildings that you already know.        Also cultural works (originals / reproductions) of Athos Bulcao, Candido Portinari and Omar Franco can be visited during this excursion.   Availability: on any working day, for min. 4 persons Duration: 2 hours (10 – 12 a.m.) Investment: R$ 50 per person

  • Walking Tour: SBS, SAS, SCS

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    Eventually you already got accustomed to Brasilia’s peculiarity of abbreviations and know what SBS, SAS and SCS stand for? But even though, I guess you’ve never merged into those areas of the city, which are: SBS = Setor Bancario Sul SAS = Setor de Autarquias Sul SCS = Setor Comercial Sul May be you haven’t visit yet these parts of the city because normally parking is difficult and/or you simply feel restraint going there by yourself. With HOM-ing’s Walking Tour you will discover the architectural beauty of the administration buildings, cultural institutions like Caixa Cultural, Museu de Valores, Museu Nacional dos Correios, Casa da Cultura da América Latina (CAL) and, at the same time, witness the daily working life of the Brazilians while walking through the Galeria dos Estados and the various passages where street-vendors offer any kind of merchandise (from fresh fruits to clothes and household utilities). The tour ends – optionally – with a lunch at the restaurant “Coisas da Terra”. Duration: 2-3 hours Available: any working day (preferably starting at 10 a.m.) Number of participants: min. 4 / max. 8 persons Investment: R$ 60 per person

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