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  • Brazilian artists: Mauricio Vilela – wood-carver

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    Sculptures made by nature – how wood from the Cerrado becomes plastic art   Mauricio Vilela‘s great passion always had been nature. When he decided to finish his career as a banker in Minas Gerais some years ago and came to Brasília in 2002, he discovered new talents with himself, starting to work with “dead” wood that he found while tracking in the Cerrado.     From then on, his passion for nature and wood combined with technical abilities and visual fantasies turned to become a profession: Mauricio Vilela nowadays is a well known wood-carver, searched by private persons who love to bring the Cerrado into their homes. And also architects and interior designer appreciate the wooden sculptures of this artist and chose his art for decorating clients’ homes or spaces in expositions.   HOM-ing exclusively organizes group visits to Mauricio Vilela’s atelier outside Brasília. The visitors may listen to the artist’s explanations on his work and the various steps of transforming the raw material “dead” roots and boughs  into unique art pieces. Mauricio Vilela’s concern also is to draw attention not only to the beauties of the Cerrado but also to take responsibility for the natural environment and preserve it for now and the future. Contact us for more information on the actual time-table of the excursions, to make your reservation or to book a visit for your own

  • Excursion: Nucleo Bandeirante – September 28, 2013

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    Nucleo Bandeirante is one of the “old” satellite cities of Brasília, located about 13 km from the Distrito Federal with 26.000 inhabitants. In times of the construction and after inauguration of Brasília, it was named “Cidade Livre“, being the first settlement of the “candangos“. Nucleo Bandeirante was chosen for the first official residence of president Juscelino Kubitschek. The so-called “catetinho” was constructed in only 10 days, from October 22 till 31, 1956 and inaugurated on November 10. The name  “catetinho” is derived from “Palácio do Catete”, the official presidential residence in Rio de Janeiro.   Today, the “catetinho” is an open-air museum – “Museu Vivo da Memoria Cadango“  – which also let its space to artists, using the facilities of the houses for workshops, ateliers and expositions. The excursion on September 28, 2013, will give us also the opportunity to assist a vernissage of an exposition of gravings by Luciano Ogura Buralli which will take place at the “catetinho” at 11 a.m. The visit ends with a lunch (buffet and rodizio) at “Tchê Picanha“, a churrasqueria with “culinaria Gaucha” in Nucleo Bandeirante. The lunch is included in the price of the excursion.        

  • “Carro Viajante / Travelling Car”: Brasília – Curitiba

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    The project “Carro Viajante” or “Travelling Car” is HOM-ing’s offer to people who are interested in sharing time, pleasure and costs while travelling through Brazil.   The next destination is Curitiba, capital of the state of Paraná.     And this is our itinerary: Sunday, October 7: Brasília – Catalão (320 km, 4 hours); we leave early afternoon in order to arrive in Catalão about 5 p.m. and stay the night or in the Mara Turismo Hotel (Catalão) or in a pousada in Três Ranchos (22 km). In Três Ranchos we will assist the spectacular sun-set at the Barragem de Emborcação and have dinner in the Restaurante Skinão with their famous Tucunaré.   Monday, October 8: Catalão – Serra Negra (625 km , 8 hours). We leave early and will stay the night in Serra Negra or in Aguas de Lindoiá (region of thermal springs). Hotel not defined (but pre-selected) and open for common spontaneous decision.   Tuesday, October 9: Serra Negra – Curitiba (540 km, 7 hours): we stay in the Ibis Hotel (center).   Wednesday, October 10: in the morning we have a Segway-tour through the city, and a lot of more options to get to know Curitiba (tourism bus, more Segway-tours). Thursday, October 11: we might make a trip down to the coast – program upon common decision. Participants of the tour take the plane back to Brasília or Wednesday night or any other

  • „Travelling Car“ starts its journey on September 1!

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    We are counting the days to receive our car in Porto Velho. From there the “Travelling Car” (carro viajante) will start its first itinerary through Brazil: Roteiro: Porto Velho – Vilhena – Cuiabá –  Jataí – Brasília Saturday, Sept. 1:        Porto Velho (RO) – Vilhena (RO)  706 km Sunday, Sept. 2:           Vilhena (RO) – Cuiabá (MT)  760 km Monday, Sept. 3:         Cuiabá (MT) – Jataí (GO)  611 km Tuesday, Sept. 4:         Jataí (GO) – Brasília (DF)  536 km You may book the whole itinerary or parts of it. Fuel costs are shared among the travellers. Example: You take the plane to Cuiabá and spend the weekend there. On Monday you get on the „Travelling Car“ and accompany us leaving for Brasília. The stop in Jataí will offer the opportunity to take a bath in the hot waters (like Caldas Nova). Following direct flights are actually available: Friday, August 31: Trip            08.27-09.06                 R$ 202 Gol             17.13-17.50                   R$ 296 Saturday, Sept. 1: Trip            08.27-09.06                 R$ 272 Gol             09.36-10.30                 R$ 296 Avianca    18.20-20.05                 R$ 267 HOM-ing already pre-selected hotels  – booking has to be done by the traveller (rooms might be shared, too, – contact us before booking): Porto Velho:                R$ 100* Vilhena:                    

  • Chapada dos Veadeiros – Cachoeira do Segredo

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    The dry season is a favourable period to visit the Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO). The waterfalls have still enough water and the level of the rivers are low to be crossed easily and without danger. Water basins with clear water invite for a bath and even swimming.   About 14 km from Sao Jorge, on the way to Colina do Sul, you enter an earth road on your left and follow the signs till a parking space. From there a 8 km walk starts to the Cachoeira do Segredo.  The trilha goes up- and down-hill and exceeds some excercices. The Sao Miguel river has to be crossed once and the Segredo river 7 more times which is not too difficult because big stones indicate the way and build bridges. At the end of a valley one finally reaches the place where the water of the Segredo river falls down from a height of aprox. 45 m. No sun enters and warms up the lagoa’s water. Only some days in September and for few hours per day, the sun illuminates the place. The water of the basin therefore is quite cold and its colour is deep black. I recommend to plan one whole day for this excursion. Enjoy the walk, take a bath once in a while and have a picknick. Take food with you – no beverage is necessary: nature offers you water in abundance and of

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