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  • Carro Viajante: Catalão (GO) – Ribeirão Preto (SP) – Aguas de Lindoia (SP)

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    From October 7 till 21, the travelling car ist going from Brasília to Curitiba, Foz de Iguacu and Bonito.  2nd Day: Catalão – Ribeirão Preto – Aguas de Lindoia – 680 km From Catalão, we drove more to the South on very good highways (Pedagio is charged); traffic was moderate. At the division of Goias and Minas Gerais we crossed the Rio Paranaiba. We passed Uberlandia and Uberaba, a region of intensive soja and sugar cane production. It was amazing to realize that fields with ripe sugar cane were side-by-side to fields with young small plants, which means that cultivation is done pemanently i.e. independantly of season and climate.   After 5 hours we reached Ribeirão Preto where we had a drink in the famous “Pinguim Bar” (since 1936) located beside the “Theatro Pedro II” at the Praça 15 de Novembro. We made it till Aguas de Lindoia, a charming place with hot springs, frequented by the people of São Paulo for a weekend rest. Tomorrow we shall take some day-light fotos to show to you. Good night. llllllll

  • Carro Viajante: Brasília – Catalão

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    From October 7 till 21, the travelling car is going from Brasília to Curitiba, Foz de Iguaçu and Bonito. 1st Day: Brasília (DF) – Catalão (GO), 320 km   After a 4-hours-drive on a mostly very well condicioned road, we arrived in Tres Rancho. This small village is located 30 km from Catalão, at the shore of the Barragem de Emborcação, an immense barrier lake of the Rio Sao Miguel. General leisure and fishing attract both nearby-citizens and tourists. The fish restaurants and  a wonderful sunset make you feel like being on holiday.   As local government elections had been held today, October 7, citizens of Catalão celebrated the election victory of the PSDB over the PMDP which ruled for the last 4 mandates. The immense, never-ending car parade was accompanied by earsplitting “music” (mostly monotone bass noise) and lasted till midnight. Catalão is a fast growing town with the main industries being the production of phosphate and lingerie and car assembling (Mitsubishi). The town attracts tourists every year, end of September till mid-October during the season of the “Congadas“: a festival in honour of the ransomed slaves and N.S. do Rosário. This year, the festival will take place from October 12 – 14. For your accomodation in Catalão, we recommend the “Mara Hotel“, situated in the centre of the city and offering free parking (closed yard) and a very good breakfast buffet. Ask for

  • “Carro Viajante / Travelling Car”: Brasília – Curitiba

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    The project “Carro Viajante” or “Travelling Car” is HOM-ing’s offer to people who are interested in sharing time, pleasure and costs while travelling through Brazil.   The next destination is Curitiba, capital of the state of Paraná.     And this is our itinerary: Sunday, October 7: Brasília – Catalão (320 km, 4 hours); we leave early afternoon in order to arrive in Catalão about 5 p.m. and stay the night or in the Mara Turismo Hotel (Catalão) or in a pousada in Três Ranchos (22 km). In Três Ranchos we will assist the spectacular sun-set at the Barragem de Emborcação and have dinner in the Restaurante Skinão with their famous Tucunaré.   Monday, October 8: Catalão – Serra Negra (625 km , 8 hours). We leave early and will stay the night in Serra Negra or in Aguas de Lindoiá (region of thermal springs). Hotel not defined (but pre-selected) and open for common spontaneous decision.   Tuesday, October 9: Serra Negra – Curitiba (540 km, 7 hours): we stay in the Ibis Hotel (center).   Wednesday, October 10: in the morning we have a Segway-tour through the city, and a lot of more options to get to know Curitiba (tourism bus, more Segway-tours). Thursday, October 11: we might make a trip down to the coast – program upon common decision. Participants of the tour take the plane back to Brasília or Wednesday night or any other

  • „Travelling Car“ starts its journey on September 1!

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    We are counting the days to receive our car in Porto Velho. From there the “Travelling Car” (carro viajante) will start its first itinerary through Brazil: Roteiro: Porto Velho – Vilhena – Cuiabá –  Jataí – Brasília Saturday, Sept. 1:        Porto Velho (RO) – Vilhena (RO)  706 km Sunday, Sept. 2:           Vilhena (RO) – Cuiabá (MT)  760 km Monday, Sept. 3:         Cuiabá (MT) – Jataí (GO)  611 km Tuesday, Sept. 4:         Jataí (GO) – Brasília (DF)  536 km You may book the whole itinerary or parts of it. Fuel costs are shared among the travellers. Example: You take the plane to Cuiabá and spend the weekend there. On Monday you get on the „Travelling Car“ and accompany us leaving for Brasília. The stop in Jataí will offer the opportunity to take a bath in the hot waters (like Caldas Nova). Following direct flights are actually available: Friday, August 31: Trip            08.27-09.06                 R$ 202 Gol             17.13-17.50                   R$ 296 Saturday, Sept. 1: Trip            08.27-09.06                 R$ 272 Gol             09.36-10.30                 R$ 296 Avianca    18.20-20.05                 R$ 267 HOM-ing already pre-selected hotels  – booking has to be done by the traveller (rooms might be shared, too, – contact us before booking): Porto Velho:                R$ 100* Vilhena:                    

  • „Travelling Car“ („Carro Viajante“)

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    Dear friends, enthusiastics about travelling through Brazil – this is the most recent and fancy project of HOM-ing: We proudly announce that – starting by September 1,  – we  are in the condition to offer a FIAT Palio Weekend Adventure for private tourism purposes. By using HOM-ing’s „Travelling Car“ you will take advantage of –       travelling more frequently –       knowing more remote places –       economizing travel expenses –       combining air and land transport –       avoiding the same tract in both directions of your journey –       travelling accompanied by like-minded people   And this is how it works: chose one of the following two options: 1. Whenever HOM-ing or a CLUB-Member is planning a trip with the „Travelling Car“, vacancies are offered to other interested persons: all travellers will share the real costs among themselves. 2. the „Travelling Car“ may be booked exclusively by CLUB-Members for a limited time. The route and the point of delivery at the end of a journey will be agreed upon as to HOM-ing’s necessities on the one hand, and the demand by other CLUB-Members on the other hand. We will use facebook/HOMing as a mean of communication and post details about the disposal of the „Travelling Car“, such as: location for the receipt / delivery of the car and periods / vacancies available. – Stay connected with HOM-ing and keep yourself informed about our offers!

  • COPA 2014: Estádio Nacional de Brasília Mané Garrincha

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    Brasília está preparando-se para a COPA 2014 – e é assim como se presentara o estádio após as reformas: O estádio se transformará numa arena multiuso, com 71 mil lugares. Todos os assentos serão protegidos do sol e da chuva. O projeto inclui estacionamento, apoio, vestiários, lojas e ampliacão de arquibancadas. Hoje, quase 70% das obras do estádio já estão prontas (arquibancada inferior pronta, 95% dos camarotes e arquibancadas finalizados). Trabalham 4 mil pessoas em 3 turnos. Estádio Nacional de Brasília Mané Garrincha A denominacão do estádio é uma homenagem à Mané Garrincha (1933 – 1983), futbolista Brasileiro, 2 veces ganhador dum Mundial, e ao lado de Pelé, mais outro ídolo do futebol do país. Outras cidades-sede da COPA 2014 são: Belo Horizonte, Cuiabá, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Manaus, Natal, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador e São Paulo. Os progressos das obras de construção de estádios e outras novedades podem ser seguidos de perto no sites e no Facebook (portal2014).  

  • „Carro Viajante“

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    Amigos viajantes – esse é o mais novo projeto de HOM-ing: A partir do 1 de setembro, HOM-ing dispõe dum FIAT Palio Weekend Adventure, assim oferecendo uma forma excepcional de viajar pelo pais.   Usando o „Carro Viajante“ como meio de transporte, voçê aproveita de viajar –       com mais frecuencia –       a lugares mais distantes –       a custos bem acessíveis –       combinando o avião e o carro –       sem repetir roteiros na mesma viagem –       em companhia com outros viajantes   Existem duas formas de como participar nesse projeto: 1. HOM-ing oferece vagas (sempre se forem disponíveis) para um roteiro programado por nós ou por um CLUB-Member: dividem-se os custos de viagem entre os viajantes. 2. entrega-se o „Carro Viajante“ por um tempo limitado exclusivamente aos CLUB-Members (condiçoes conforme à acordos individuais). O roteiro e  o ponto para entregar o carro ao final da viagem, serao definidos pelas necessidades de HOM-ing por um lado e pelas demandas de outros CLUB-Members por outro lado. Mediante anuncios no Facebook/ comunicaremos com anticipacão os detalhes da disponibilidade do „Carro Viajante“, tais como ponto e data de entrega / recepcão, periodos  e vagas disponíveis. Sejam sempre conectados com HOM-ing e atentos pelas ofertas! Não pecam essa oportunidade como alternativa legal de viajar! Seguem de perto a viagem do „Carro Viajante“ pelo pais. Fiquem a vontade de colaborar na definicão do seu roteiro! Falem conosco e

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