HOM-ing brings people together!

As time is running fast and your stay is limited you should start travelling through Brazil right now. The country is huge and offers an infinity of amazing landscapes, fauna, flora and culture. To learn as much as possible about your host country, a certain discipline of planning tourism activities is recommended.

With an individual travel agenda over the year, you will make best use of free weekends, holidays and your annual leave. We want to share our passion for Brazil and the Brazilians with the newcomers and invite you to take advantage of our experiences and contacts.

HOM-ing gives advices to seasonal and climatic circumstances and informs about regional, traditional and cultural events according to your interests and preferences. We love organizing short-term excursions for adventurers like you. Always searching for less-known destinations and finding uncommon paths for you, is such a pleasure for us, too. 

Sharing travel experiences with like-minded people brings lasting memories for you. Our program for group tourism is dedicated to those who are ready to engage in a combination of organized and adventurous travelling.


  • While travelling individually, you may need the service of guides in other cities than Brasilia and touristic destinations within Brazil. We can recommend experienced and confident persons upon request.
  • We organize VIP-excursions for small groups (limited number of participants) and CLUB-members only.

A joy shared is a joy doubled.

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City Tours  Social & Cultural Integration Visitors’ Guidance

With the CLUB Membership you have access to special events, conditions and preferential treatment.

HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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