Living Gaia – a new way of being?

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A holistic healing biotope emerges in the Chapada dos Veadeiros, some 15 km from Sao Jorge. It will be an open community, a seminar and training center where people encounter in trust, truth and kindness and take responsibility for the whole. Trust and cooperation between people, between men and women, between adults and children, between humans and animals, between humans and all life is our vision for a healing path into the future.

In Living Gaia, there are no religious or ideological commitments. There is a shared dream of creating a new existence on earth in co-operation with all forms of life.

These are the pillars of the new way of being:

– respecting all life,

– developing self-responsibility,

– being truthful in expressing love,

– authenticity in relationships, and

– transparency in the community.


HOM-ing was invited to know the project during the open-house weekend July 14 – 16. The camp actually consists of common and individual tents, an open-air kitchen, toilet and shower run by water of the land-owned rivers. Imagine taking a shower with the most splendid starry sky you’ve ever seen above you! What an experience!


As no electricity is yet available, we started to prepare dinner before sunset. After having finished our „candle-light dinner“, we gathered around the fire-place and practiced the „forum“. This communication instrument is used by projects where mutual understanding and co-operation are important premises for a successful development and implementation. The open discussion on thoughts, feelings, visions and wishes, on a voluntary basis and with a feedback of other participants, was lead by Alexandra Schwarz-Schilling, initiator of Living Gaia and professional coach, owner of the Coaching Spirale in Berlin (

Living Gaia pioneers who currently come to live and work in the camp for 1 – 3 months, are helping with the implemention of the project, whereby everyone is adding her/his professional knowledge to the team.

Beds with herbs and vegetables had been worked out, paths (trilhas) layed out throughout the land and stairs lead down the some 500 meters to the Sao Miguel river where swimming and sun-bathing is pure pleasure during the dry season.





The community center is under construction, directed by the Swiss architect Roger Welti, who lives and works in Alto Paraiso since more than 20 years. Only natural materials will be used, the design is well adapted to the region.

For more information visit the site in English, Portuguese and German ( and/or attend one of the presentations. In Brasilia the next one will take place on Wednesday, 8th of August, 7 p.m. at SEBINHO, 406 Norte.

But you are also welcomed to visit Living Gaia upon prior notification:

HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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