• Event Management

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    HOM-ing creates unforgetable moments and long-lasting memories for you and your guests! Brazilians love to socialize with friends and family members, commemorate their birthdays with a churrasco or celebrate traditional festivals like „festas juninas“. As the number of guests normally is beyond of what can be handled on a private scale, it is common to book professional event management. For this purpose, a huge variety of event services in Brasilia is available that you also can ask for whenever desired

  • Visitors’ Guidance

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    With HOM-ing your visitors’ stay becomes more efficient, exciting and unforgetable! While staying in Brasilia, you hopefully will have the pleasure to receive family members, friends and/or colleagues for a visit. Besides meeting you they might be interested to get to know the city with its unique urban structure and architecture (Oscar Niemeyer), green areas and amazing cultural and natural destinations in the surroundings

  • Excursions

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    A joy shared is a joy doubled. As time is running fast and your stay is limited you should start travelling through Brazil right now. The country is huge and offers an infinity of amazing landscapes, fauna, flora and culture. To learn as much as possible about your host country, a certain discipline of planning tourism activities is recommended

  • City Tours

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    HOM-ing helps using your scarce time efficiently! The first impression of Brasilia and the first months of living here decide whether you get along with this city and will like it or not. We know very well the prejudices of newcomers facing the characteristics of Brasilia as a young artificially developed capital which makes orientation and adaptation sometimes complicated

  • Social & Cultural Integration

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    To know about the traditions and customs of the host country, you need to merge into the daily life of its inhabitants. Learning Portuguese will enable you to communicate with Brazilians and thus sharing free time with locals. Your efforts will certainly bring you interesting contacts and new friends. This process of a Social & Cultural Integration may sound very familiar to you. But: Brasilia is different. Brazil’s only about 50 years young capital is a melting pot of „immigrants“ from other Brazilian states and from all over the world. Therefore, not only expatriates but also Brazilians moving to here need to adapt to different living conditions and integrate themselves to the special society of Brasilia. And as a consequence of Brazil’s growing globalization also this is true: Brazilians themselves wish to get in contact with foreigners and practice their own foreign language knowledge

  • Language Learning

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    “The study of languages is the world history of human thought and perception” - Wilhelm von Humboldt

  • CLUB Membership

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    Therefore CLUB Members have exclusive access to: Round-Table-Meetings special events (limited number of participants) VIP-excursions a pool of cars and personell (maid, house-watcher etc.) house-sharing (worldwide) member discounts (group fares negotiated with companies like rent-a-car or event services and personell)   How to become a CLUB Member? offering human capital (talents, knowledge, informations, contacts) to other CLUB Members being a client of HOM-ing’s settlement services (contracting the Starter & Welcome Package or the Permanent Assistance Package) participating in the Partner’s Coaching Program colaborating with the pool-sharing of housing and cars being recommended by other members   For further information and conditions 

  • Settlement Assistance

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    HOM-ing helps you saving precious time and money! We are familiar with the problems that newcomers to Brasilia generally struggle with, and with the social and cultural background and the expectatives of an expatriate. Therefore we know exactly what kind of information is important for you, - before and upon your arrival. Whether the question is about products, services, prices, living conditions, - HOM-ing offers you transperancy and security while dealing with third parties. Speaking your language, - we enable you to make you understand, to communicate and to negotiate

  • Permanent Assistance

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    Whatever you might need: HOM-ing assures finding the best individual solution for you at the best quality-price-ratio available!

  • Partner Coaching

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    Align yourself with your intention and you will do great things. Anybody’s skills and experiences are of great value and use for other individuals and societies. Share your professional potential and personal interests with like-minded people for mutual benefit and you will make a positive difference in your life

HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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