Pets on Tour

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In case of moving away, all family members are concerned, – including pets, for which certain organizational steps have to be taken:

The vaccination has to be up-to-date, the documentation has to be translated and legalized, special travel boxes have to be bought and the right airline has to be chosen.

When the owners take full responsability for their pets, they sometimes even travel in economy class instead of business class in order not to leave the pet unaccompanied. Or one of the family members accompanies the pet travelling with one airline and the rest of the family with another. This happens to families living in Brasilia as TAM does not carry pets from Brasilia to Sao Paulo where most of them change for an international flight.

Carlo, a beautiful Siamese, is one of those globetrotters:


he is 13 years old and had been adopted by his family at his early age in Belgium. He was found abandoned, dirty, full of ticks and underfed. From Belgium the family moved to Germany and later to Brasilia,- Carlo always went with them. In Brasilia, Carlo spent splendid three years and soon will move again with his family to the Netherlands.

 But not all pets are as fortunate as Carlo.

For what reason soever, – sometimes the families have to leave a pet behind while moving away from Brasilia. Whether the new destination does not allow to bring a pet, or the pet might suffer under the climatic conditions or the future housing situation might turn to be too problematic for both the pet and the family – fact is:

the best possible solution for the pet has to be found.

HOM-ing not only helps bringing people together, but also pets with people:

Actual owners: get in touch with us whenever you need to find a new family for your pet

Potential owners: think it well over before adopting a pet in Brasilia. You might not find the same comfortable housing conditions in any other place where you will be posted in the future. Take responsability for a pet in any moment of your life.

Newcomers: in case that you are willed to adopt a pet, give preference to a pet left behind from families that are leaving in these days.

You may also get in touch with the Sociedade Humanitária Brasileira.

Let us work it out together – PRO ANIMAL



HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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