Restaurant “Dona Graca”, Vila Planalto

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Graca Veras from Piaui is the owner and chef de cozinha of this restaurant in Vila Planalto . She is running the restaurant since 1992,  assisted from the beginning by her son Marcelo Veras who shares his mom’s passion for the traditional North-Eastern culinary.

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Dona Graca’s specialities are “cabrito ao molho de leite de coco”, “galinha caipira ao molho pardo” and “Carne de Sol com mandioca e queijo coalho”, to mention only some. All options are served with  “arroz, feijão, farofa, salada e pirão”.

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Cabrito ao molho         –            Carne de Sol

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Galinha Caipira (d’Angola)

Also the variety of natural juices is worth to be mentioned; one can choose – beside the more common ones – among mangaba, murici, seriguela, cupuacu and umbu.

On Fridays, feijoada is part of the menu, and -additionally with live music in the background – you happily start into your weekend.

The restaurant is open Monday – Friday from 11.30 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Vila Planalto, Acampamento Pacheco Fernandes, Rua 07 casa 15

3032-1062 / 8211-0747


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