Round-tables with Dra. Sylvia Domack, homeopath from Germany

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Homeopathy in Germany has a long tradition and education and practice enjoy a high reputation worldwide. Homeopathic treatments both for prevention and in case of diseases are seen as alternative medicine and become more and more popular. Any kind of remedies used by homeopaths is based on phytotherapy. This is the natural way to stay healthy and treat diseases, which is more recommendable than the intake of chemical-based medicine. This aspect is especially important for women during and after pregnancies, for children and for elderly persons when age-related disorders increase.

Dra. Sylvia Domack gained professional experience during the last 16 years with her own clinic in Frankfurt. Being on visit in Brasilia, she offers round-tables explaining the advantages of homeopathy as a more healthy alternative to traditional medical treatment giving short introductions to various subjects, like:

Wednesday, May 10: Cholesterin – is it good or bad? Risk factors for heart disease, high blood   pressure and strokes. What kind of nutrition, food or diet is really helpful.

Tuesday, May 16: Diets and nutrition for sport – how you can help your body to build up strengh, duration end effectiveness in a positive and easy way.

Wednesday, May 17: Nutritional care for pregnancy and children’s growth.
Important vitamins and minerals for  child’s development.

Friday, May 19: Boost your memory! – How well balanced nutrition may help to improve and maintain good memory, and also to avoid mental diseases (e.g. Alzheimer)

The meetings take place at lunch time 12.30 – 14.30 at the vegetarian restaurant “Villa Vegana”, Clube Amygo, Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul, Trecho 2, 54 A

Investment: R$ 65 per person,- includes buffet-lunch

Participation: max. 6 persons

Reservation mandatory: +5561 99646-4906 whatsup


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