Salão de beleza: rebirthing, renewing, relaxing

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A visit to the “Salão de beleza” (or the hairdresser) is more than getting a freshing-up of hair, skin or nails.

It is a peaceful island, where you get full attention and all kind of service and support  to raise self-estimation and attractive appearance.

You’ll find a little time for yourself – read a journal or simply take a nap. And one serves you a coffee or a cup of water, and sometimes you win a rose upon leaving.

After a visit to my hairdresser and having been attended and treated by Dé,  I always feel completely renewed:

 CAMARIM Coiffeur, SHIS CL QI 26, Ed. Serrano Center, Tel. 3367-5279

Dé is not only my favourite hairdresser, she is my soul-sister, my spiritual companion. Obrigada amiga!


HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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