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Lionel Ortega, French Chef de cuisine, married to a Brazilian lawyer whom he met in Paris, came to live and work in Brasilia end of 2010. He had been coached by Marion until the opening of his own restaurant in April 2012.

When expatriates or Brazilians are delegated to Brasilia for work, the accompanying partners might face obstacles to continue their own studies or professional career. The same applies to foreign partners of Brazilians when both decide to start living in Brazil.

It might become unavoidable to fundamentally re-orientate yourself with regard to content and alignment of your former professional activities. In this sense a partner has to show a great flexibility and adaptability to the new circumstances.

With the intention of becoming professionally active while staying in Brasilia, you should not hesitate to profit from the experiences and contacts of the ones who successfully went through this process.

In this case, HOM-ing is your best partner for self-development and career engineering.

Our Coaching Program consists of:

  • Organizing language learning, conversation circle and/or professional-oriented Portuguese classes
  • Brainstorming on your individual potential and personal interests according to the professional background
  • Informing about the general market and working conditions as well as legal aspects
  • Identifying working activities and job opportunities
  • Orientating on alternatives for continuous studies, participation of seminars, workshops and congresses (nationwide)
  • Introducing to single professionals, companies and institutions of interest
  • Assisting with legal documents and applying to authorities
  • Offering Round-Tables as a platform for lectures and an opportunity to meet other professionals

Anybody’s skills and experiences are of great value and use for other individuals and societies. Share your professional potential and personal interests with like-minded people for mutual benefit and you will make a positive difference in your life.

Align yourself with your intentions and you will achieve great things.

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HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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