Permanent Assistance

After approx. 3-6 months you will luckily be settled and your house furnished. You will have your own car and be able to drive around Brasilia by yourself. You will have succesfully started with your new job and certainly have been introduced to Brazilian colleagues.

But what happens with your private social life?

  • Are you „happily landed“ and installed in Brasilia? Do you really feel comfortable?
  • Have you found the right place and people to practice your hobbies?
  • Have you already made Brazilian friends with the opportunity to practice your Portuguese?
  • Did you already have the chance to experience Brasilia’s great number of restaurants and get to know its cultural life?

Whatever you might need: HOM-ing assures finding the best individual solution for you at the best quality-price-ratio available!

You may realize that job requirements, the cultural and social challenges and transfer within the city need much more time than you have estimated. And there are so many little things at home which have still to be organized and steel most of your leisure-time and weekends.

We know perfectly that it takes time to find persons of confidence and the right places to solve all kind of problems or whatever you need to be done. Don’t start at zero and waste time but take advantage of our experiences of many years and our huge network.

HOM-ing facilitates your daily life – count on us. We help with:
Private matters

  • indication of a doctor / therapeut / nutricionist / hospital
  • transfer and translation services for doctor visits
  • organization of home-nursing in case of illness
  • assistance in case of emergency (robbery, emergency insurance)
  • home-service for hairdressing, manicure, massage
  • introduction to clubs / academies / circles
  • house watching during business trips or home leaves
  • pet-sitting for short periods in your house resp. indication of pet hotels in case of longer absence
  • general shopping and delivery services
  • contraction & supervision of handicraftsmen

Transportation Services

  • transfer service to / from airport / hotel / work (also for visitors)
  • chauffeur services for evening events
  • pick-up- and bring-service for car maintenance
  • assistance in case of accidents (dealing with police, wrecker service, repair shop, insurance company)

Any task to be fullfilled upon or after leaving Brasilia

  • organization of a garage sale
  • supervising the moving out
  • selling your car
  • finishing any contract
  • closing your bank account
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With the CLUB Membership you have access to special events, conditions and preferential treatment.

HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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