Settlement Assistance

You got the news of being posted to Brasilia soon, – or just arrived?

This time, moving in and settling will be easy for you – because HOM-ing assists you with anything what you need!

We are familiar with the problems that newcomers to Brasilia generally struggle with, and with the social and cultural background and the expectatives of an expatriate. Therefore we know exactly what kind of information is important for you, – before and upon your arrival. Whether the question is about products, services, prices, living conditions, – HOM-ing offers you transperancy and security while dealing with third parties. Speaking your language, – we enable you to make you understand, to communicate and to negotiate.

HOM-ing guides you as your personal assistent from the very first moment of your arrival till the day that you are finally settled and celebrate your inauguration party at home!

Personal administration

  • We introduce you to a bank for the opening of an account
  • We inform you about insurances that are recommended
  • We assist you contracting a cellphone, TV, cable, internet
  • We arrange language classes for you


  • For house hunting purposes, we drive you around, assist with translation and give information and recommendation on living areas and conditions
  • We help with the recruitment of confident personell
  • We guide your shoppings for furniture, decoration, household articles, plants etc


  • With us, you may rent a car at best conditions
  • We help with the purchase / registration of a new or semi-used car
  • We organize chauffeur service and drive you through the city as long as you get along with it
  • We accompany you for touristic and shopping purposes

As soon as you get to know that you will be posted to Brasilia, you might be anxious and/or curious getting access to most information on the subjects mentioned above as soon as possible. We agree with you entirely! A lot of decisions and preparations can be made by you ahead before arrival in order to speed up your settlement in Brasilia.

HOM-ing helps you saving precious time and money!
Assign our “Starter & Welcome“ – Package!
It will facilitate your moving and settlement process significantly.
Permanent AssistancePartner Coaching

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With the CLUB Membership you have access to special events, conditions and preferential treatment.

HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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