Social & Cultural Integration

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To know about the traditions and customs of the host country, you need to merge into the daily life of its inhabitants. Learning Portuguese will enable you to communicate with Brazilians and thus sharing free time with locals. Your efforts will certainly bring you interesting contacts and new friends.

This process of a Social & Cultural Integration may sound very familiar to you. But: Brasilia is different. Brazil’s only about 50 years young capital is a melting pot of „immigrants“ from other Brazilian states and from all over the world. Therefore, not only expatriates but also Brazilians moving to here need to adapt to different living conditions and integrate themselves to the special society of Brasilia. And as a consequence of Brazil’s growing globalization also this is true: Brazilians themselves wish to get in contact with foreigners and practice their own foreign language knowledge.

HOM-ing makes feel at home – abroad.

We open your eyes for the positive sides of Brasilia and open doors for you to easily get in touch with other citizens. Integration is the magic word. In order to make you feel comfortable and turn your stay in Brasilia in a happy and unforgetable one.

HOM-ing organizes:

  • Business Lunch (with short introduction for newcomers)
  • Cultural & Dinner Tour (a combination of sight-seeing and conversation class)
  • Round-Table (an opportunity to meet with professional citizens and discuss actual topics about Brazil)

Learn more about our program for a successful integration:

Language Learning City Tours Excursions

With the CLUB Membership you have access to special events, conditions and preferential treatment.

HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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