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  • Chapada dos Veadeiros – Cachoeira do Segredo

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    The dry season is a favourable period to visit the Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO). The waterfalls have still enough water and the level of the rivers are low to be crossed easily and without danger. Water basins with clear water invite for a bath and even swimming.   About 14 km from Sao Jorge, on the way to Colina do Sul, you enter an earth road on your left and follow the signs till a parking space. From there a 8 km walk starts to the Cachoeira do Segredo.  The trilha goes up- and down-hill and exceeds some excercices. The Sao Miguel river has to be crossed once and the Segredo river 7 more times which is not too difficult because big stones indicate the way and build bridges. At the end of a valley one finally reaches the place where the water of the Segredo river falls down from a height of aprox. 45 m. No sun enters and warms up the lagoa’s water. Only some days in September and for few hours per day, the sun illuminates the place. The water of the basin therefore is quite cold and its colour is deep black. I recommend to plan one whole day for this excursion. Enjoy the walk, take a bath once in a while and have a picknick. Take food with you – no beverage is necessary: nature offers you water in abundance and of

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