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  • Vila Planalto – Restaurants: Churrasqueira Vila Brasas

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    The restaurant Vila Brasas offers rodizio each day for lunch time. It is located at the marginal road of the Vila Planalto parallel to the road which leads to the Palacio Alvorada, opposite of the Petrobras fuel station.   The access is easy and as it counts with a shadow parking space next to the restaurant, it also is a safe place to visit. Hom-ing negotiated a special price which includes the meals (rodizio of meat and buffet of trimmings) and non-alcoholic drinks (water, refrigerants, juices and coffee), – all “as much as you can eat”. Number of participants: min. 10 persons Special price: R$ 70,– per person (valid as per Sept. 1, 2016 till further notice) Adress: Vila Planalto, Acampamento Rabelo, Av. Contorno, Tel. 3306-1006 Contact us for arranging the reservation for your group

  • City Tour 2: Walking Tour in Vila Planalto

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    Vila Planalto is the oldest quarter of Brasilia. It was built up to host the engineers and workers who constructed the city. Its location between the Esplanada dos Ministerios and the Palacio da Alvorada nowadays is most attractive for the citizens to live near to the center and at the same time in a quiet area. Till today, some old wooden houses can be seen. While walking through Vila Planalto you will experience a typical Brazilian village atmosphere and know restaurants and shops. On Wednesdays and Thursdays you’ll have the opportunity to make your shoppings of fresh products at the weekly market. At the end of the tour, we will have lunch at one of the buffet restaurants. You may book this tour for any day of the week. Ideal tour for parents and small children.   Duration: 2 hours Number of participants: 1 – 5 persons Fee: € 60 (or equivalent in Reais) (cost for lunch not included)  

  • Restaurant “Dona Graca”, Vila Planalto

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    Graca Veras from Piaui is the owner and chef de cozinha of this restaurant in Vila Planalto . She is running the restaurant since 1992,  assisted from the beginning by her son Marcelo Veras who shares his mom’s passion for the traditional North-Eastern culinary. Dona Graca’s specialities are “cabrito ao molho de leite de coco”, “galinha caipira ao molho pardo” and “Carne de Sol com mandioca e queijo coalho”, to mention only some. All options are served with  “arroz, feijão, farofa, salada e pirão”. Cabrito ao molho         –            Carne de Sol Galinha Caipira (d’Angola) Also the variety of natural juices is worth to be mentioned; one can choose – beside the more common ones – among mangaba, murici, seriguela, cupuacu and umbu. On Fridays, feijoada is part of the menu, and -additionally with live music in the background – you happily start into your weekend. The restaurant is open Monday – Friday from 11.30 a.m. – 3 p.m. Vila Planalto, Acampamento Pacheco Fernandes, Rua 07 casa 15 3032-1062 / 8211-0747  

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