TANDEM: Interview with Daniela Stieff da Silva Tostes

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Daniela Margareta Stieff da Silva Tostes (age: 47) from Austria (Vienna) is married to Luiz da Silva Tostes and has been living in Brasilia since 2003. She is an ENT-specialist, singing teacher and singer, and the founder and responsible person for the singing studio „Salto Vocal“.


1. Where and how did you meet your husband?

We met in a course in Italy in July 2001.

2. What was the reason for you to chose Brasilia as your domicile?

I really fell in love with Brazil and Brasília and Luiz had a very good job at the federal senate. In those times, I would have to find a new job anyway, as I finished my ENT residence in 2002. And finally, Luiz’ daughter was only 16 years old when we met and he wanted to be close to her.

3. What was your profession in Vienna before moving to Brasilia?

ENT-doctor (resident) and singing teacher

4. Which hurdles did you have to overcome to continue your professional career in Brasilia?

I had to revalidate my diploma as a doctor and to do the residents’ exam to be recognized as an ENT-specialist in Brazil. It took me 5 years and was one of the most stressfull tasks in my life.

5. What was the most impressive experience at the beginning?

The friendlyness, heartfullness, playfullness and sympathy of the Brazilian people. The light and the bright colours, the fruits, the slower rhythm of life.

6. Do you miss anything from Austria?

The Mountains (and climbing mountains) and classical music on a good level.

7. What characteristics do you like most with Brazilians?

Friendlyness, heartfullness, playfullness, sympathy, patience, „human warmth“

8. What is your favorite place in town?

My singing studio “SALTO VOCAL”.

9. What is your dream destination in Brazil?

So many: Amazonas, Pantanal, Iguaçu Falls, the south of the country, beaches in the north and northeast, historical cities like Paraty, Chapada dos Veadeiros („our backyard“)

10. What is your favorite leisure activity?

Being in the nature (Chapada dos Veadeiros: tracking, swimming in the rivers and having a bath in the waterfalls), eating in good restaurants, singing and watching singers’ shows

11. How do you deal with homesickness?

I eat Austrian sweets like Mannerschnitten or Mozartkugeln, read Austrian Magazines („Servus“, „Brigitte“), watch movies in German

12. What is your advice for a foreign partner moving to Brazil?

Only come, if your partner is 100% committed to make your life here as successfull and happy as possible – you will need a lot of help especially in the first year. Learn Portuguese as fast as possible and make Brazilian friends. Look at the positive side of the Brazilian way of life, be generous with lateness, imperfect organization and lack of commitment. With time you can stabilize your own way in the important relation of your life.

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