Therese von Behr – 90th Birthday

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Therese von Behr (* 4.7.1930 Vilna, Lithuania), artist and famous citizen of Brasília, is well-known and appreciated for her wonderful water-colors of Brazilian flora and birds, and passioned by the biom Cerrado.

Certainly by heritance and inspired by her mother Anna de Römer (1895 – 1974), a famous Polish painter and portraitist, Therese used and developed her talent during all of her life presenting us with an inumerous number of art works published in the two books „Flora do Planalto Central do Brasil“ and “Aves e Árvores do Brasil Central“ (unfortunately both editions are outsold and not yet reprinted).


Even in her nineties, Therese still gives private painting lessons and continues painting herself.

Her booklet „A menina de Janopol“ (2018) describes her childhood in Lithuania by giving inside views of family traditions, daily life, observations of nature and personal memories in the course of the four seasons througout the year. It also is a testimonial of her moving childhood, her family’s emigration (caused by World War II) as refugees, from Lithuania via Riga, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Brussels finally to Germany.


Therese von Behr immigrated to Brazil in 1955 while getting married to Anatol Baron von Behr (1926 – 2016) native from Esthonia. They first settled down in Mato Grosso where her husband administrated fazendas. Two of her three sons, Henrique and Nicolas, were born there, Miguel in Minas Gerais. In 1974, the family moved to Brasília and today, Therese is the head of a big family, counting with 7 male grandchildren.

I, personally, feel honoured to have Therese as a motherly friend, a person that I admire a lot for being a self-dedicated, strong and positive thinking woman, – an example for women of all ages, from my point of view.

Happy 90th Anniversary, my dear Therese! Looking forward to accompany you for a lot more classic concerts and exhibitions during the years to come! Stay healthy!

You may pay a visit to Therese von Behr purchasing an art work and/or the booklet (R$ 30).

Get in contact with Marion 99646-4906 in order to coordinate a visit.

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