„Travelling Car“ starts its journey on September 1!

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We are counting the days to receive our car in Porto Velho. From there the “Travelling Car” (carro viajante) will start its first itinerary through Brazil:

Roteiro: Porto Velho – Vilhena – Cuiabá –  Jataí – Brasília

Saturday, Sept. 1:        Porto Velho (RO) – Vilhena (RO)  706 km

Sunday, Sept. 2:           Vilhena (RO) – Cuiabá (MT)  760 km

Monday, Sept. 3:         Cuiabá (MT) – Jataí (GO)  611 km

Tuesday, Sept. 4:         Jataí (GO) – Brasília (DF)  536 km

You may book the whole itinerary or parts of it.

Fuel costs are shared among the travellers.

Example: You take the plane to Cuiabá and spend the weekend there. On Monday you get on the „Travelling Car“ and accompany us leaving for Brasília. The stop in Jataí will offer the opportunity to take a bath in the hot waters (like Caldas Nova).

Following direct flights are actually available:

Friday, August 31:

Trip            08.27-09.06                 R$ 202

Gol             17.13-17.50                   R$ 296

Saturday, Sept. 1:

Trip            08.27-09.06                 R$ 272

Gol             09.36-10.30                 R$ 296

Avianca    18.20-20.05                 R$ 267

HOM-ing already pre-selected hotels  – booking has to be done by the traveller (rooms might be shared, too, – contact us before booking):

Porto Velho:       www.madeiramamorehotel.com.br                R$ 100*

Vilhena:              www.miragehotel.tur.br                                     R$   85*

Cuiabá:               www.hotelskala.com.br                                      R$ 130*

Jataí:                   www.tbshotel.com.br                                          R$ 159*

*price per room incl. breakfast

Take advantage of this short trip, join us and share  fun and travel costs!

No specific program is envisaged – we just travel together, enjoy the landscape and cities, conversation with Brazilians and leisure time spent with like-minded people.

For any further question contact us.

HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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