Who we are

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We are a group of local citizens and expats ourselves, with a varied professional background, having one strong characteristic in common: we are fond of living in Brasilia.

Born in the city or moved to it for various reasons, we all merged into it, struggled, solved problems, overcame cultural and linguistic hurdles, started from zero and finally installed our professional and private lives with success.

After all, we learnt to live with and in Brasilia: when we needed help, we got it from strangers, who are now our best friends. At the beginning, we often lost our way, – now we go anywhere without a navigator. We know where to get the best meat, we may indicate a fancy bar for a cold chopp after work, or recommend a Brazilian restaurant that only locals frequent.

And: we never stop learning something new about Brasilia because it is changing its face permanently, – growing, developing its personality, becoming more and more international, globalized. Along with this development, we are improving our knowledge, our professional and social net work every day, and at the same time have amazing experiences.

You are invited to share these wonderful moments with us!

With the World Cup 2014 ahead, Brasilia prepares itself to become even more attractive to tourists, business people and newcomers.

HOM-ing wants to be part of this process.

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With the CLUB Membership you have access to special events, conditions and preferential treatment.

HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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