Winter in Brasilia – time of changes and transitions

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For expatriate families, the Brazilian winter (June/July/August) is the main holiday season. Some of them go abroad for home-leaves and/or use this period for travelling through Brazil. Others prefer staying in Brasilia and enjoy the diversified cultural offer like the Festas Juninas or the Brasilia International Film Festival.

But there are other expatriates for whom this time of a year does not bring such happiness: working contracts come to their end and they have to move away. It is all about  goodbyes, separation, sadness. Students finish their school year or college, and a new term of life starts wherever the parents are sent or decided to go to.

Garage sales, farewell-parties, end-of-the-school performances, packing, selling the car are the duties that have to be organized. But the hardest job is leaving behind the new friends that one made during the last three or more years, being class mates, neighbours, colleagues or school teachers. And one has to say good-bye to the baba and empregada, the jardineiro and all the other helpful hands that had become part of the families’ routine. It is a painful separation, being aware that there is only a slight chance of meeting them again in the future.

No „welcome“ without „farewell“!

Moving away from one town also means moving towards another where new places, traditions and people are waiting to be discovered. Hopefully, this new life period will be enjoyable, full of good experiences and exciting impressions for those who have to move.

The same applies for all the newcomers who will come to Brasilia in the next weeks. They also left behind friends and family in the former place they lived in and they will still suffer from the separation while arriving in town.

So let’s make it our goal to make these newcomers feel as comfortable and at home as possible. The Welcome & Settlement Package offers the services that they need most at the beginning. HOM-ing demonstrates how beautiful life can be in Brasilia and organizes City Tours.

Welcome! Bem-vindos!

HOM-ing makes you feel at home.

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